Holiday New Year Greetings

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Have A Holiday

Have a Holiday
filled with fun and
joy with the ones you love..

Warmest Greetings

Warmest greetings of
the Holiday Season and
good wishes for the New Year…

Wishing You The Most

Wishing you the most
joyous Holidays and a
New Year filled with
Peace and Prosperity..

It’s Ironic That

It’s ironic that at the same time our
bellies are gaining weight during the holidays,
our wallets are going on a diet and losing weight.
Happy Holidays”

Your Being Present

Your being present is the best present
you could give me this holiday season.
“Happy Holidays”

Hoping You Are

Hoping you are
surrounded by love and
warmth this holiday season.
“Merry Christmas.”

We Should Live Every Day

We should live every day
like it is a holiday,
being thankful and spending time with family,
and looking hopefully to the future…

May U Always Be Blessed

Peace in yrheart, Health in yr body,
Wealth in yr life, Joy in yr home,
May u always be blessed with these priceless treasures

Best Wishes For

Best wishes for a
Happy Holiday Season
and our sincere thanks
for your loyalty and goodwill
throughout the year

Happy Holidays

As gifts are given and received this
holiday season, I think of the gift
of knowing you. Thank you for the
pleasure of working with you. Happy Holidays

After Serious

After serious & cautious consideration.
your contract of friendship has been
renewed for the New Year 2011
It was a very hard decision to make.
So try not to screw it up

God For Wonderful

New Year is a time for celebration of love,
of life, of Friendship. It’s the time to thank
God for wonderful friends, and to bring to their
lives as much magic as they bring to ours.
So here’s celebrating our friendship and praying
that its magic continues forever. Happy New Year